Show Notes: Ep. 1 – The Power of Story with Melissa Troxell

March 8, 2022

Summary and Guest Bio:

In the debut episode of the She is Kindred Podcast, Britt chats with her high school English teacher, Melissa Troxell. Their conversation discusses the truth that everyone has a story worth sharing, and how our stories are often more interconnected than we realize. They share their own personal perspective on what it means to find and build community, even in unlikely spaces, and how we must choose to value our own story before can truly value others. 

Melissa is a wife and mother who works as an instructional coach at Willard Middle School in Willard, Missouri. Years of teaching high schoolers has equipped her with just the right amount of sarcasm to handle teenagers while deeply investing into their lives. She’s fascinated by story and the whole of humanity that surrounds each one of us.

In this episode, Britt talks with Melissa about:

  • How everyone has a story and the power they hold
  • How our stories are interconnected with one another 
  • How our stories color our lives but do not determine it
  • Being willing to ask hard questions and dig deep instead of making assumptions
  • Creating spaces for vulnerability and authenticity 
  • Choosing to value our own story first so we can fully engage with someone else’s story

“It makes me wonder how many of our stories are interconnected with one another, and we don’t even realize it. Part of my heart is to use She Is Kindred, to use this project and all the people coming together in it to acknowledge that we are all coming from places that are maybe not quite as different as we think.” -Brittany Smith

“If I’m devaluing myself, I’m not going to be vulnerable.” – Melissa Troxell

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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