Show Notes: Ep. 2 – Cultivating Intentional Community in Every Season

March 15, 2022


In the second episode of the She is Kindred Podcast, host Britt chats with a trio of best friends; Blythe Bergstrom, Libby Ryan, and Loranna Pyles. The women have known each other since college when Loranna and Blythe got matched as roommates, then added Libby into their friendship after a memorable encounter shortly thereafter. Their twelve-year friendship has stood the test of new babies, marriage, life changes, and more. Over time, they’ve learned how to grow their friendship, embrace and celebrate their differences, and invest in themselves and others.

Blythe lives in Missouri with her husband and her four kids. Together she and her husband do ministry life together. Blythe enjoys hosting, cooking, singing, spending time with her family, and reading when she can.

Loranna and her husband live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They got married in STL (where the three friends met!). She recently welcomed her first child, a baby boy. She is a marketing group manager and loves to travel. 

Libby lives in Missouri with her husband and two kids. She is primarily a stay-at-home mom with a side baking business and a heart for social justice.


  • Developing and cultivating their friendship
  • How to understand and accept other’s differences  
  • How to invest in others’ lives regularly, despite distance or interruptions
  • Navigating changing worldviews while maintaining relationships
  • Creating space for vulnerability and authenticity 
  • Valuing differences of opinions to challenge or affirm our own

“Oftentimes our culture equates disagreement with hate… you may look at the person next to you and they may have a differing belief system, upbringing, or variety of personal preferences that vary from yours. I think society tells us that we’re all so vastly different, and if they don’t fit into these specific boxes then they’re not worth investing our time into. But when we break it all down, the heart of it matters: being able to see people for who they are…and to know that their stories might be similar and needed for yours.” – Brittany Smith

“If we were discussing our differences, I would always come back to the thought of I know exactly where their heart is…I don’t think tension is a bad thing. I appreciate their beliefs because they challenge me.” – Libby Ryan

“I so appreciate the genuine nature of our friendship, there are different worldviews and belief systems and processes…but at the end of the day, does it really matter, when you can keep the main thing as the main thing? We love each other….and ultimately we respect one another, over a differing opinion or belief. We’re stronger together than we are apart. At the end of the day, (differences) shouldn’t be what breaks a friendship.” – Loranna Pyles


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