Show Notes: Ep. 3 – When Friendships Change

March 22, 2022


In the third episode of the She is Kindred Podcast, Britt and Alexandra (Alex) Wright, the She Is Kindred Community Coordinator, dive into what it looks like when friendships change over time and how we can still move forward with grace even when we’re they’re over. They chat about things that aren’t always discussed when it comes to forging thriving communities. Britt and Alex share how we can learn to live with our eyes wide open. Through their discussion on friendship and community, we can acknowledge that people carry their own stories with them, and as their stories intertwine with ours, we forge new narratives together to learn and grow and change.

Alexandra Wright is our community coordinator at She is Kindred. She is also a DIY & hospitality queen. With a massive, Enneagram 2 heart for people, she’s perfectly suited as our community coordinator, where she’ll be making strong connections with followers, creative contributors, and donors. She manages a veterinary hospital and lives in the St Louis area with her husband, Jeremy, their sweet baby girl, Lillian, and too many animals to count! You can connect with her on Instagram at @alexandrawright1115.


  • When friendships change
  • How motherhood impacts relationships with friends
  • How we sense a shift in priorities through navigating adulthood
  • Embracing differences and allowing ourselves to call out the beauty in them
  • When friendships end, recalling them with gratitude and grace instead of envy and frustration
  • How we allow ourselves to be rooted in gratitude for the relationships we build in every season of life

“I think throughout the pandemic, the need for community has become even greater. I personally can’t imagine life without the small community that I have. I have so many different personalities throughout my community…but I think we need all those differentiations to thrive and to grow and to see the different perspectives.” -Alex Wright

“…we can grieve what we lost and what we thought would be a forever friendship while, at the same time, holding space to be thankful for the season that we had with them.” -Brittany Smith

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