Show Notes: Ep. 4 – Closer than a Sister with Erica Pitchers, Elysia King, and Eva Robinson

March 29, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: mention of stillborn/infant death


In the fourth episode of the She is Kindred Podcast, Britt chats with three of her closest friends, Erica Pitchers, Elysia King, and Eva Robinson. Together, they have been through both joyful and tumultuous seasons of life and have found ways to love well in the midst of it. Their conversation delves into the role of grief and heartbreak, along with hope and vulnerability within friendships.

Elysia King, She is Kindred’s artistic director, is a mother to two boys, Aiden and Desmond, and wife to her husband, Derek. She is an extroverted ICU nurse turned artist currently located in STL. Find her work at @elysiakingart on all social media outlets.

Erica is a wife to Evan, and mother to Charlotte, Cora, Julian, as well as a three babies in heaven, Millie, Q, and Josiah. She’s lived all over the map: born and raised in Mexico, graduated high school in Kansas City, went to college in St. Louis, did a brief stint in Nashville with her professional drummer hubby, and is currently setting down roots back in STL. She has an education degree, but stays home with her kids, and enjoys coaching volleyball.

Eva is a mother to Levi and Asher. She lives in STL with her boys and her husband, Justin, a minor-league baseball umpire. She is a professional violinist and gifted vocalist, who spends her days teaching violin and piano lessons. You can connect with her at @evaclairerobinson.


  • Being willing to step out and invest in friendship and community
  • Doing the everyday things together to build relationships
  • Intentionality in friendships
  • Being present and vulnerable in relationships
  • How to care for others during trauma and hardships

“I remember thinking, she wept with me I’m going to rejoice with her. That was a healing moment for me – to be able to rejoice with her.” Erica Pitchers

“It was such an important lesson for me to learn, when you’re walking alongside someone – sometimes you don’t have the pretty words….nothing was going to make them feel better. I realized this is how we show Jesus to others. We sit with them in their grief and we expect nothing in return. We show up. You don’t have to say anything, just show up.” – Elysia King

“Grace upon grace. That has been the theme of our friendship and our lives.” Brittany Smith

“You can’t offer grace, in an amount greater than you have experienced it.” – Eva Robinson


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