Show Notes: Ep. 9 –  While in Waiting: The Struggle of Infertility with Angela Lee

May 3, 2022

Summary and Bio: 

Today’s episode kicks off the month of May and Motherhood month. We want to start here and hold space for you – wherever you are on this road. We want to honor you. We see and acknowledge your longing to become a mom and the complications you may be faced with along the way. We know the emotions the word “motherhood” can stir up. We want to hold space for you here. In this episode, Britt talks to Angela Lee about her path through her story of infertility. 

Angela Lee, originally from Oklahoma, lives in South Carolina with her husband Bryant and their five-year-old little boy who came to them via an IVF journey. She has always wanted to be a mom (or ballerina, which she was!). A former dance teacher, she now experiences dance when judging competitions. Angela is an advocate and encouragement for anyone walking through infertility. Find her on Instagram @while_in_waiting or check out her website. 

In this episode, Britt talks with Angela about: 

  • The unexpected, often complicated path to motherhood
  • Unexplained infertility and the frustrating desire for answers
  • The community of infertility
  • The stigma attached to infertility
  • The willingness to share and encourage others on a similar journey 

“God is not a god of percentages. He is not a god of 1%, He is a god of 100%.” – Angela Lee.

“I remember I was sitting at a birthday party, and there was a woman there – and people don’t have ill intentions when they say things, but she said, I can’t imagine anyone who is having a hard time who is having a baby, how that would feel because that was what a women’s body is made to do… hearing everyone agreeing made me feel like something is wrong and I was broken. And that’s something people going through this journey regularly process.” – Angela Lee.

“I can be hopeful, and know that even though this is hard, there are still good things somewhere. – Angela Lee.

“Let’s acknowledge that not everyone’s journey is not going to tie up with a pretty bow. It’s okay to not know what to say. It’s okay to sit in that grief, to sit in that space of not knowing what’s next. You have people who will sit in that corner with you, people who will wait with you and cheer you on along the way.” – Brittany Smith. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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