Show Notes: Ep. 11 –  Mothering While Motherless With Annie Marhefka

May 17, 2022

Today’s May episode continues Motherhood month. We want to start here and hold space for you – wherever you are on this road. We want to honor you. We see and acknowledge your longing to become a mom and the complications you may be faced with along the way. We know the emotions the word “motherhood” can stir up. We want to hold space for you here. In this episode, Britt talks to Annie Marhefka about her journey in and through motherhood while being motherless herself. 

Annie Marhefka is a writer in Baltimore, Maryland, where she spends her time writing, boating on the Chesapeake Bay, and hiking with her kiddos. Her creative nonfiction and poetry have been featured in Versification, Coffee + Crumbs, Sledgehammer Lit, Capsule Stories, Remington Review, and The South Florida Poetry Journal, among others. Annie is the Executive Director at Yellow Arrow Publishing, a Baltimore-based nonprofit supporting and empowering women writers, and is working on a memoir about mother/daughter relationships. You can find Annie’s writing on Instagram, Twitter, and at

In this episode, Britt talks with Annie about: 

  • What it’s like to mother without your own mother
  • Passing on loved ones’ stories and legacies
  • How to honor those we love and carry on their memory through memoirs and lives well lived
  • Grief and closure 
  • The mother-daughter dynamic and relationship

“I had to do it, I had to go out and find other moms because I didn’t have my own.” – Annie Marhefka.

“We as mothers try to be better, do better, than our own mothers in so many ways. And as much as we don’t want to compare, we do…Our journey is as much about the daughters as it is the mothers.” Annie Marhefka

“We don’t just honor the people around us by talking about them, but we honor them by reflecting who they were to us, to the world.” Brittany Smith

“It’s processing who they were to you and how they molded you into who you are. And how you’re going to choose to raise up your children in that same way.” Brittany Smith

“Write the recipes down, but write the story with the recipe…I feel like there’s stories in everything. We have to share those stories and tell those stories. Our daughters and granddaughters are going to want to know those things.” Annie Marhefka

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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