Show Notes: Ep. 12 – Expectations of Motherhood: The Influence of Birth and Beyond with Kailyn Rhinehart

May 24, 2022


In episode 12 of the She Is Kindred podcast, Britt and Kailyn Rhinehart talk about when motherhood isn’t all you expected it to be. They chat about what it says about moms when we feel like we are struggling to connect with our baby in the ways we so deeply want to. They ask difficult questions like “how can we move through potentially difficult connections and find ways to mother well and take care of ourselves in the process?” 

Kailyn Rhinehart is a wife and mom to two wild, blond babes. She is an avid list-maker and consumer of coffee in any form. With a degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, she is a kindergarten teacher turned mama-writer. A New Englander at heart, she and her family currently live wherever the military sends them. Kailyn is also a creative & editorial assistant for She Is Kindred. 


  • Life before baby
  • Complicated deliveries and the recovery process and birth trauma
  • Recognizing postpartum depression and how to ask for help
  • Supporting brand new moms
  • The motherhood journey and advocacy over your own birth story and process

“It took me a while to admit out loud that I remember nothing from my birth. I have kind of blocked out the first few months. And that was a hard thing for me to start admitting. It took years…I think there is a balance of the heavy expectations and then the results of the heavy expectations.” – Kailyn Rhinehart

“There are things that you cannot control. There are seasons of your life that are going to be more difficult than others, and that changes you. We have to learn how to grow through that and to give ourselves grace in the middle of it. I was so hard on myself as a first-time mom, and a second-time mom, and a fourth-time mom.” – Britt Smith

“I think advocacy is key. Learning to advocate for yourself and learning to allow the other people who are in the room with you that you trust to advocate for you as well.” – Britt Smith


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