Show Notes: Ep. 17 – Singleness, Society, and the Church with Kelly Witherbee

July 6, 2022

Summary + Guest Bio:

Episode 17 of the She is Kindred podcast marks the beginning of a brand new month and a brand new theme: “Love, Sex, and Marriage.” And while the weeks that follow will dive deep into a myriad of topics less commonly talked about within most circles, we wanted to take some time to acknowledge the women in our community who are not married first. We want to say that we see you too, sister. In your waiting. In your independence. In all the unexpected ways that life has brought you to this specific season of singleness. Your story matters just as much as the rest of us. 

With her guest, Kelly Witherbee, Britt wades into the murky waters of extended singleness and the implications of that both within the Church and public society. They discuss the struggles of singlehood, society’s standard of family, and the strength that one develops when living alone. Their conversation hinges on the truth that those who are single, by choice or by chance, are more than worthy of having a seat at every table, even in – especially in – the Church. 

Kelly Witherbee is a school psychologist in the Midwest and a proud daughter, sister, and aunt to many. She loves Broadway musicals, British royalty, and you’ll rarely find her without a book in her hand. She moonlights as a wedding photographer on the weekends and, as an Enneagram 2, spends the rest of her days investing in the lives of others. You can connect with her on Instagram at @kellywitherb.

In this episode, Britt talks with Kelly Witherbee about: 

  • The struggles and unexpected blessings of extended singleness 
  • Ways that the Church should better honor single people within their communities
  • God can handle our big emotions
  • Mental health and asking for help
  • How singleness can shape one’s view of self 
  • How married friends can support their single friends
  • The importance of finding friends in similar life spaces
  • Encouragement to anyone who is in a season of singleness

Resources mentioned in this episode: 


“Single people are just as qualified, just as worthy, just as loved by Jesus as everyone else.” – Britt Smith

“God can handle those big emotions…We’re allowed to express those to the Lord…And He says… ‘I will meet you in that.’” -Britt Smith

“Find things that you love and lean into them…That is building up more of who you are. Don’t wait for other people to go do it.” -Kelly Witherbee

“Hold on to who you are because who you are matters. Who you are is worthy. Who you are is who God made you to be.”

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