Show Notes: Ep. 18 – Better Together with Britt + Smitty

July 12, 2022

Summary + Guest Bio

In episode 18 of the She is Kindred podcast, Britt swaps her host seat with Alex Wright, She is Kindred’s own community coordinator. Alex interviews Britt and her husband, Michael “Smitty” Smith, about love, marriage, and the relationship they’ve built on a foundation of teamwork and genuine partnership.

Britt + Smitty have been married for 12 years and are raising 4 littles in the throes of creative, small business life. After more than a decade in full-time ministry, they now spend their days photographing and filming weddings and portraits with their company, Kairos Photography + Films, or doing freelance creative work for churches and fellow businesses in the Midwest. Their life is loud, messy, and wild, but they’re learning to embrace the chaos while thriving on the belief that they’re better together: in work, in play, in grief, in joy.

In this episode, Alex talks with Britt and Smitty about: 

  • Building a strong marriage
  • Vulnerability in relationships
  • Overcoming trials in marriage together
  • How parenthood shifts marriage
  • Creating a culture of teamwork within your home
  • Choosing forgiveness and loving well


“In that first year of marriage we dealt with car accidents, moves, we were walking through some health issues, and death… It felt like we couldn’t catch a break. And in those months we had no choice but to cling to each other and cling to the Lord… It was in that we found a deep peace that was unexplainable in some ways. Everything was a disaster on the outside, but somehow our strength was coming from in our home and in our own marriage.” -Britt Smith. 

“It was never ‘these are your problems, these are my problems’ it was us tackling it together.” – Michael “Smitty” Smith

“I think we have found contentment in the chaos… This (life) is a tangible representation of the gifts that we’ve been given. We’re going to choose to look at that with gratitude and know that twelve years ago, our first year of marriage we were looking at a very different future.” -Britt Smith

“Let small problems be small problems.” – Michael “Smitty” Smith

“I think it’s about being able to lay down your ego and say what do you need in this moment?” -Britt Smith.

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