Show Notes: Ep. 21 – Widowed, but Worshipping with Heather Gilion

August 2, 2022

Summary + Guest Bio

On episode 21 of the She is Kindred podcast, Britt reconnects with Heather Gilion, author of “Dancing on My Ashes,” speaker, and founder of Story Designs by Heather Gilion.  Heather tragically lost her father, her husband, and her brother-in-law within the first year of her marriage to her college sweetheart. In this episode, Heather dives deep into processing traumatic loss and grief, and how she still chooses to wake up each day to say “Yes” to what the Lord has for her. Sisters, we all are familiar with grief, whether it’s in our own lives or the lives of those in our community. Let’s learn from Heather’s open heart and 
be reminded that we can still worship in the midst of overwhelming grief. 

Heather Gilion co-authored the book, “Dancing On My Ashes: Learning to Love the One who Gives and Takes Away.” After experiencing great tragedy 20 years ago, she now uses her God-story as a platform to encourage and equip others. She does so through speaking engagements and an art ministry called Story Designs.  Heather and her husband, Dallas, serve at LifePoint Church in Ozark, Mo. They have two boys: Noah, 15, and Zachariah, 12. 

In this episode, Britt talks with Heather about: 

  • The back-to-back losses of her father and husband within the first year of her marriage.
  • Navigating deep grief as a young widow and not understanding why God didn’t do what she wanted Him to do
  • How to worship when our lives are ashes and how to have hope when bitterness takes over
  • How to anchor ourselves to God, being open to receive what He has to give
  • Encouragement and resources for widows and those grieving losses

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Episode Quotes:

“Jesus was so well acquainted with grief. He walks among us in it.” -Britt Smith

“People would look at us and say, ‘How can they worship when their lives are ashes? But really, it was a chance for us to say we are broken; we are not good, but we are held.” -Heather Gilion

“The enemy is always looking to steal, kill, and destroy, but the Lord uses it for greater good. We live in a broken world. We’re not going to be saved from hard things. God flipped the script, and he took something so horrendous and so tragic in our lives and has brought us out of it…It is our rescue story.” -Heather Gilion

“Loneliness is so hard. God is near the brokenhearted. Don’t run from Him, but run to Him. It is a daily choice, and His Word is alive and active. Widows have a special place in His heart. He sees them, He has his eye on them, and He wants others to protect them and care for them. That is His desire and his heart.” -Heather Gilion

“When we anchor ourselves to who God is, He will give us what we need in that moment and for the moments to come.” -Heather Gilion


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