Show Notes: Ep. 23 – Raising Babies and Building Businesses with Kelly Laramore

August 16, 2022

On episode 23 of the She is Kindred podcast, Britt dives in with fellow mom and photographer Kelly Laramore. They talk openly about starting their own businesses, the joys and challenges when it comes to growing their businesses, and most importantly, the reason why being business owners is their hard-earned dream:  flexibility and freedom of time with their families of young children. This episode is for all the dreamers out there – you can do it but find your community and mentors along the way who will cheer you on!

Kelly Laramore (@kellylaramorephotoandfilms) is a visual storyteller, mom, and lover of pajamas. She is married to her college sweetheart, and mom to six littles. She is also a St. Louis, MO-based luxury family photographer and filmmaker with a style that aims to capture emotion, authenticity, and connection for her clients through photos and films. Kelly is passionate about creating fun childhood memories for her kids and supporting small businesses, especially women-owned.

In this episode, Britt talks with Kelly about: 

In this episode, Britt talks with Kelly Laramore about: 

  • Our desire as moms is to have the freedom of time to be fully present for our children, especially during special events and occasions
  • The journey to running your own business is often lonely, and the measure of success looks different from business to business 
  • As moms, we need to give ourselves permission to ask for help and outsource when we cannot do it all
  • Owning your own business is incredibly different than a workplace where there are promotions and raises for a job well done. As business owners, it is vital to surround ourselves with a community and mentors to guide us on the path.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 


“As a mom and as a business owner, you have to find your own measure of success along the way. It is not just what someone else is doing if you have to find what makes sense for you and your family.” Britt Nikel Smith

“And that is the burden of small business ownership: You have to do it all. There is a definite learning curve that comes with owning a business and learning to prioritize the right things especially when you have a family of your own. And knowing that my time is more valuable to me than money.” Britt Nikel Smith

“They tell you family always comes first, in a way. Sometimes work comes first. And I think choosing which comes first in which situation is the hardest thing.” Kelly Laramore

“Let this be your permission that if you are in the middle of building a business and you are a mom that feels like I can’t do it all, don’t – don’t do it all.” Britt Nikel Smith

“I want to show my kids that women can have a career outside of the home. They can follow their dreams. I want my boys to know one day if they have a wife who wants to work outside of the home and follow her dreams, that it is not something out of the ordinary. It is okay for her to do that. Because that is what is going to keep her going, and it is going to make her a better mom and better wife.” Kelly Laramore


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