Season 1, Ep. 27 – Generations Deep w/Gina Birkemeier

September 21, 2022

Summary + Guest Bio

In today’s episode, Britt talks with Gina Birkemeier about generational trauma and how that has manifested within her own story. They discuss having the courage to recognize imperfections and acknowledge that, despite our best efforts, our past can sneak into our present, and affect others in ways we wish they wouldn’t. Gina gives insight on how to heal and acknowledge hurt within ourselves while we work to move forward. It is an enlightening and hopeful discussion for all who are struggling to carry the weight of their past and the trauma and dysfunction of the generations that preceded them.  

Gina Birkemeier is a licensed professional counselor, award-winning author, and speaker. She is a doctoral candidate and holds a master’s degree in psychology and theology, along with advanced training in trauma and evidence-based therapies to help people heal. Fueled by a passion derived from being a survivor of generational dysfunction and trauma, Gina has walked with the hurting to help them find hope and healing for nearly two decades. Her teaching and writing are rooted in a combination of faith–defined as a healthy relationship with God–and the sciences of psychology, biology, and epigenetics. 

In this episode, Britt talks with Gina about: 

  • What “generational trauma” actually means and how it manifests
  • Misconceptions and misunderstandings about generational trauma and dysfunction
  • Healing our inner and past selves
  • How to break the cycle and begin to forge new paths for self and future generations
  • The cycle of continued healing


-“The idea is not to wipe away past versions of ourselves but to integrate them into who we are today.” – Gina Birkemeier

-“It isn’t so much about the ruptures as it is about the repairs – and what we do moving forward from the ruptures.” – Gina Birkemeier

“That’s where the cycle breaks, it’s not that you’re suddenly raising the next generation perfectly, it’s that you’re raising the next generation with integrity, not just for them but in and of yourself, and with a willingness to apologize and make things right when they go wrong.” – Britt Smith

“And really, it does come down to taking the initiative to be brave enough and have enough courage to make changes and to recognize when we didn’t make the change when we should have.” – Britt Nikel Smith

“If you are breathing – there is an opportunity for healing, for change, and for growth,”  – Gina Birkemeier


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