Season 1, Episode 15 – Breaking the Cycle of Broken Body Image

June 14, 2022

Summary and Bio: 

Today’s episode continues our June theme of body image and self-worth. In this episode, Britt talks to Joy Nicholas about her relationship with her body and her eating disorder. 

Joy Nicholas is a mother to five kids, aged 6 to 22. She has lived in six countries and currently resides in Seoul, South Korea where she is writing her first book, a memoir. You can follow more of her adventures on Instagram at @justyouraveragejoy.

In this episode, Britt talks with Joy about: 

  • Society’s views and expectations of our bodies
  • Motherhood and breaking the cycle
  • Stewarding self-worth as Christians
  • Navigating body image in all forms (physical, mental, emotional, etc)
  • Encouraging others in similar situations

“My life felt mixed up…here was something I could do. It made me feel like I was doing something right. It was this cycle.” Joy Nicholas

“I would say a sense of control or value, come from what we believe about ourselves.” Joy Nicholas

“I think the world has a vested interest in making you feel worthless. It gets you to buy more, and do more things. I always think – what are they trying to sell me right now? I think the world wants you to feel insecure. It feeds their agenda.” Joy Nicholas 

“I think there’s a lot more openness about different body types and promoting self-worth…but we really still have a long way to go!” Brittany Smith

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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