“Stepping Painfully into the Day” – By Elizabeth Wickland

June 15, 2022

“My body hurts today.”

First waking thoughts

as I press my weight into arthritic feet

and stand to face the day.

This is my body, broken for you.

I hobble toward the bathroom

each step a reminder 

that I am broken,

that this body bears the effects

of creation, fallen.

“I could just fall back into bed,”

and a sigh,

“but I hurt there, too.”

Do this in remembrance of me.

Get out of bed, in remembrance of me.

Face the day, in remembrance of me .

Take each painful step, in remembrance of me .

toward the work He has prepared for me today,

in remembrance of me.

Ora et labora. 

Whatever you do,

in word or deed,

do all to the name

of the Lord Jesus Christ,

giving thanks

to God and the Father

through Him. 

Ora et labora. 

in remembrance of me.


Elizabeth Wickland lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband, daughter, and their little Yorkie, Wicket. She has a love for words and their stories and spends her days teaching Latin. She also enjoys gardening (during the few months her garden isn’t covered in snow) and cultivating beauty in her small corner of the world. You can find her on Instagram at @punamulta.priory 


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